Ready to Rent is a free training programme for students living in the private rented sector, to support them to understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

The aim of Ready to Rent is to empower students to understand and exercise their rights when it comes to renting a property. We also aim to help students understand their responsibilities as tenants. From signing fair tenancy agreements to getting their full deposit back, we want students to have a great time when they rent. Everyone has the right to a safe, warm, affordable home and Ready to Rent training can help make that happen.

Ready to Rent is designed to be flexible and can be accessed entirely online using this site. There are also materials that students' unions and associations can use to develop their own training and deliver workshops.

Ready to Rent has been created by NUS to specifically address the issues experienced by students when they rent a home. However, all of the information on this site is relevant to anyone living in the private rented sector, student and non-student alike.

Together we can make renting safer and fairer for everyone.

This project has been kindly funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation.