What is Ready to Rent?

Ready to Rent is a free training programme for students to support them to understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants renting a home. Ready to Rent is designed to be flexible and can either be accessed entirely online using this site, or can be used to support training delivered by your students’ union.

How can I access Ready to Rent training on campus?

Students’ unions or associations can access Ready to Rent resources specifically designed with them in mind. Resources for students’ unions include workshop plans and templates, training guides and promotional materials- everything you need to run your own Ready to Rent workshop. If you’re an SU or an SA and want to know more, sign up on the login page.

If you’re a student and you want to attend a Ready to Rent workshop, contact your students’ union or association and let them know about the free online resources.

I’m not currently a student, can I use Ready to Rent?

Ready to Rent has been produced by NUS to support student renters. However, we know that issues that affect tenants, don’t just affect students. Ready to Rent is suitable for anyone who is living, or planning to live, in rented housing.

How much does Ready to Rent training cost?

Ready to Rent training has been kindly funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation, which means that we can provide all of our materials for free.