House Hunting Workshop

This is a perfect session to run in the lead up to housing hunting season at your union, and would work well with any campaigns you have that focus on preventing signing up for houses too early in the year.

Training Guides

House Hunting - England, Wales - Training Guide v2

House Hunting - Training Guide fersiwn Cymraeg

House Hunting - Northern Ireland - Training Guide

House Hunting - Scotland - Training Guide


House Hunting -England,Wales

House Hunting - fersiwn Cymraeg

House Hunting-Northern Ireland

House Hunting-Scotland


Property adverts (Scotland)

Property adverts (England and Wales)

Property adverts (Northern Ireland)

Contract for signing

Sample contract (Northern Ireland)

Sample Contract Scotland

Landlord briefings_Scotland

Landlord briefings (England and Wales)

Landlord briefings (Northern Ireland)2231-RTR_Cheque_v2



Be Clear on Fees and Licensing England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Be Clear on Fees and Licensing fersiwn Cymraeg

Be Clear on Fees and Licensing Scotland