Signing Contracts Workshop

This is an informative session which can be delivered during the house hunting period. It covers the basics of signing a contracting, legal obligations, and guarantors.

Training Guides

Signing Contracts - Northern Ireland - Training Guide

Signing Contracts - England, Wales - Training Guide v2

Signing Contracts - Training Guide fersiwn Cymraeg

Signing Contracts - Scotland - Training Guide


Signing Contract-England,Wales

Signing Contracts - fersiwn Cymraeg

Signing Contract-Northern Ireland

Signing Contract-Scotland


Sample contract (Northern Ireland)

Sample Contract Scotland

Sample Contract England, Wales

Contract treasure-hunt form 1

Contract treasure-hunt form 2

Contract treasure-hunt form 3

Contract treasure-hunt forms new template

Annotated Sample Contract_Scotland

Annotated Sample Contract_England Wales

Ready to Rent House-hunting Checklist

House Hunting Checklist Cymraeg

Be Clear on Fees and Licensing England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Be Clear on Fees and Licensing fersiwn Cymraeg

Be Clear on Fees and Licensing Scotland